Are You Stewarding Your Gifts Well?

When you think of a gift, what comes to mind?

Is it material things like shelter, food, and clothing?

Maybe more emotional things like family, health, and salvation?

Do you think of just spiritual gifts as the talents and abilities God has given you to serve Him and others such as exhortation, music, or teaching?

To that, I would say, YES. I agree with all of that. 

So how does that work for us day today?

Everything you have is a gift from God. Your health, talents, family, and physical possessions are all from Him.

That makes us stewards, and we are to be faithful stewards. 1 Corinthians 4:2 says, “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.”

Do you think of your marriage, spouse, and children as gifts that you are to be a faithful steward of?

Being faithful is more than just being present. We think of being faithful to church as just showing up at every service. It is good and necessary to be in every service, but that is nothing more than eye service if you are just showing up and leaving.

We are to fulfill our roles as unto the Lord, giving our best every single day. 

Are you praying for your spouse and children? 

Are you asking God for wisdom to be the spouse and parent you should be?

Do you seek ways to be a blessing to those around you?

Proverbs 31:28 tells us the Proverbs 31 woman was called blessed by her children and husband. This was not only because she was the wife and mom. She was not blessed because she stayed home. She was blessed because she sought to serve her family out of love and kindness. She cared for them.

How we treat our family matters. The words you speak to them do not stay inside the walls of your home. Christ hears you, this will be how your children talk to others, and to themselves. 

If we spend our days in front of the television or staring at our phones, we are not teaching them good habits and we are not saying that their needs are important to us. 

Providing food, clothing, and shelter are not signs of love. These are basic necessities. 

Love is an action and investment. 

We must be faithful to pray for our family, to show them Christlikeness as much as possible, and to uphold biblical principles. Love, honor, and cherish those God has given you. You do not know when He will take them back. 

Your husband and children belong to God, and He cares how you treat His kids.

Your job is a gift from Him, even if you don’t love it. Are you being an employee that honors God with your work? Are you faithful to do your best and put in an honest day’s work?

What about your physical health? Are you concerned with what you allow into your body? We know the negative effects of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. But what about junk food and inactivity? Do you consider the types of ingredients you consume in processed foods?

Additionally, we must examine our spiritual health. The old saying “garbage in, garbage out” is more accurate than we realize. When we feast on the books, movies, social media, and negativity of this world, we are not hungry for the things of God, the things that truly satisfy us, and our spirit suffers greatly. It’s like eating chips before dinner, then not being hungry once dinner is done We know the meal is better for us, but those chips were easy to grab and just taste so good. So, we filled up on them instead of something that provides real nutrition. We do not experience the abundant life Christ came to give us according to John 10:10.

Feast on Christ. Not the temporary fillers this world offers. Steward your life well.

Stay in the Word, stay close to the Shepherd, and let Him lead you in paths of righteousness.

With Hope in His Service,


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