When Satan Came to Eve

Genesis 3:1 the serpent shows up. This was Satan, in the form of a serpent, coming with one agenda: to deceive. 

His agenda has not changed. He still seeks to deceive and destroy. 

The first thing he asks puts God’s command in a negative light. “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” Essentially, yes, this is what God said. There was ONE tree they were not to eat from. Just one. The way Satan presents this question is as if God is holding out on them. Satan is still doing this, by the way. Twisting what God says to make us think we deserve more, that God is being unfair.

Verse 2 Eve responds, but she adds to God’s command. She tells Satan they are not to touch the fruit of the tree. This was not true. Adding boundaries to what God says does not make you more spiritual. Adding to what God says, makes you doubt God. You see, Eve said they couldn’t touch or eat it. But she did touch it, and nothing happened. Touching it wasn’t forbidden. But when she touched it and nothing happened, now it seems safe to eat it. Maybe God didn’t really mean what He said after all. 

Do you get the imagery of what is happening here? If animals didn’t talk, she would have been scared by a talking snake. At this point in history, there’s no reason to fear snakes, either. Satan is blending in, appearing harmless. Harmless enough that Eve is fellowshipping with him. Friend, you and I do NOT need to have conversations with Satan. He is the master deceiver. We won’t win. We won’t walk away from that conversation unchanged. 

When Satan comes to you, and he will, will you recognize him? Will you be vigilant enough to flee from him instead of fellowship? I fear today, we don’t even recognize him anymore, and instead of fighting him or fleeing from him, we fellowship with him, and give him an open door into our homes and lives. Then we wonder how so much trouble and destruction ever happened to us, to our marriage, to our kids.  

If Adam received the direct command from God, why didn’t Satan go to him? Perhaps Satan knew that Adam wouldn’t fall for it. Eve on the other hand was a little different. Then, through her influence, Adam would also eat of the fruit. Ladies, THIS is the influence you have in your home. Your husband is the spiritual leader, but you can be pretty convincing. Adam saw she ate the fruit and didn’t drop dead, so now he is questioning God. I pray you never make your husband question what God said to him. They did die when they took of the fruit. You see, it was spiritual death they experienced immediately. Separation from God.

The command was given to Adam by God Himself. God did not repeat this to Eve as far as we know. It was up to Adam to tell her. From her response, Adam told her what God said. Maybe in part, maybe just as God said; we do not know for sure. Ladies, your husband is the head of the home, the spiritual leader. Sometimes God will only tell him things and not you. It is up to your husband to tell you, and it’s up to you to trust your husband and God. 

Remember back in Joshua when God gave the instructions for marching around Jericho? God told Joshua alone and not the whole nation. Joshua was the spiritual leader. It was up to him to tell everyone else. 

Anyway, Eve was not prepared to meet with Satan. She chose fellowship instead of fighting or fleeing. Which will you do when Satan comes to you? Because he will. Will you know God’s Word enough to use it to defeat him as Jesus did those three times? “It is written” was Christ’s reply. You can’t use Scripture if you don’t know it.

God has given you the one tool to fight with. The Sword of Truth. God’s Word. Are you familiar with it enough to use it?  We spend hours learning to use the newest kitchen gadget, our new cell phone, and anything else we want to make a hobby of. But sometimes we don’t give the Word more than 5 minutes a day.

Your life literally depends on it. If you are a Christian, you are a target for Satan. Don’t be caught off guard. Don’t be defenseless when he attacks. 

With Hope in His Service


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