By Faith, Not Sight

Matthew 20:29-34. 

Two blind men are calling out to Jesus as He passes by them. 

These men can’t see. They can’t see the crowd, Jesus, the disciples, or the miracles that Jesus had already performed. They can hear, though. They hear the crowd, and evidently they have heard of Jesus and of the miracles Jesus has performed. They knew exactly who they were calling out to. 

Do you?

When you are calling out to God in prayer, do you really stop to consider Who it is you are talking to? The Creator of the universe, the One who holds all things in His hands, the One who died for you. The Almighty God that is I AM. THAT is who you are coming before with your requests, needs, and concerns. The One who is able. The Alpha and Omega that has invited you into His throne room for help in time of need.

These men knew about Jesus enough to call out to Him.

 Do you?

 Do you have enough faith to call out to Him? Do you really trust Him and believe that He can do all things?

These men had only heard of Jesus and had the faith to know He was the answer to their problem. This is why it is important to share what God has done for you. Someone else will have to stand on your miracles to build their faith.

However, we hear the multitude trying to get them to be quiet, to not ask Jesus for help. 

Does that sound familiar? The crowd is trying to tell us not to follow Jesus, don’t pray, etc. Maybe it’s because they don’t know Him. Maybe they only know of Him instead of really knowing Him. 

These men did not let the crowd dictate their worship, and you shouldn’t either. They kept calling out to Jesus. And Jesus answered. Publicly. Sometimes our miracles come in private, but this time Jesus healed them publicly after they chose to publicly call out to Him. He will answer you, too, friend. Keep calling out to Jesus.

These two men had a physical problem. Some would say that healing the blind is not as big as healing the leper or raising the dead. Let me remind you that nothing is too small for God!

Too often we proclaim our faith by stating “There’s nothing too hard or big for God!” To which I agree with a hearty AMEN. But do we ever think that our problem may be too small for Him? As if our requests bother the Lord? As if your request is not as important as everyone else’s? 

He said in 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

All means all. 

Stay in the Word, stay close to the Shepherd, let Him lead you in paths of righteousness. 

With Hope in His Service,


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